What is the Cost of Web Design in Nigeria (Complete Breakdown)

A website is a major branding and marketing tool for businesses and if used effectively, can help to grow a business online

In Nigeria, there is an increased awareness among small businesses about the importance of a website, yet many business owners still have the impression that it requires a big investment to get a website, which is why they keep asking the question, “What is the cost of web design in Nigeria?”

In this article, you will have an understanding of how much you need to get a website in Nigeria including a complete breakdown of all you need to know

Why Does Your Business Need A Website?

Having a website comes with so many benefits for your business including but not limited to the following:

  • Help you to build a credible brand online and gain the trust of your buyers
  • Showcase your products and attract numerous customers
  • Take advantage of SEO to drive quality traffic to your website
  • Raise brand awareness and let more people know about your business
  • Automate the sales process and allow people to pay for your products without physically present.

Important Reasons your Business need a Website

How To Build A Website For Your Business?

Register a Domain name

This will be the name of your site on the web it’s like a physical address that direct people to a house, your domain name help your users locate your website, eg yourname.com. We recommend you get your domain from namecheap.com

Get Web Hosting

Without web hosting your website will not be seen online, you can get started by purchasing your hosting from the following providers:

Design your Website

There are two ways you can build your website:

  1. Code from scratch and this will require you have technical knowledge which usually takes time, if you don’t know how to code then hire a programmer or web developer.
  2. Design using a website builder software like WordPress and this is the fastest option compared to coding from scratch and your website can be ready within one week and if you don’t know how to use WordPress then don’t worry, 2WV Digital is a professional web design agency and with us you can relax while we build a fast and SEO friendly website for you and deliver within 5 – 7 days.

What is the Cost of Web Design in Nigeria?

The cost of a standard and professional web design start from N50,000 and can go as high as N500,000 and even N1M, I know you will say it’s too much for a website but people charge that much depending on the project scope and other factors.

In our agency, the lowest we charge for web design in Nigeria is N50,000 and our highest package is N100,000 with prices likely to increase soon due to soaring inflation.

What Determines the cost of Web Design?

  • The kind of feature you require in your website will determine the cost, if you want an eCommerce feature and that is to accept payment online and add to cart, you will pay more. Every website is not the same, and some will require unique custom features to function effectively due to service they offer
  • The type of website you want to build will also determine the cost, the price you pay to get a blog will be less than the price for a corporate, eCommerce, school, church and investment website
  • Mode of Design: If you want your website to be coded from scratch then you will pay a premium because it involves so much work and will take some time to deliver on the other hand, if you want it design entirely using a software like WordPress the cost will be a bit lower depending on the nature of your project.
  • Another thing that influence the cost is who you hire for the job, if you are working with a freelancer, the pricing is often moderate but if you opt for a web design agency or company no doubt, the price will increase

Effective ways you can secure your Website

Final Thought

There is really no fixed price when it comes to building a website, it is the nature of your web design project and who you hire that determine the cost.

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