TubeBuddy Review: Best YouTube Channel Management Tool

YouTube is the number-one video-sharing platform in the world, and it is also a search engine second only to Google. Many people around the world now use it to share their video content, make money online, and enjoy their dream lifestyle. Starting a YouTube channel is easy, but growing your subscribers and views is a different ballgame entirely, and this can be frustrating for a beginner and even for experienced creators. That is why you need a tool that will help manage and grow your channel and that’s where TubeBuddy comes in, in this blog post, you will learn more about our TubeBuddy Review

What is TubeBuddy?

It is a tool that helps creators and brands manage, optimize, and grow their YouTube channels. It focuses mainly on optimizing your channel for increased views and subscribers.

You can do the following using TubeBuddy:

  • Find the perfect keywords and get more visibility in searches
  • Show up more and be found organically
  • Know what works and grow with insights
  • Use A/B testing to discover the best thumbnails

What Are The Features

TubeBuddy has essential tools, and they include:


includes, but is not limited to, Advanced Embed code, Chapter Editor, Canned Responses, Quick edit toolbar, Scheduled Publish and Video Update.

Bulk Processing Tools

Includes: Bulk Copy End Screen, Delete Cards, Delete End Screen, Demonetization Double-Check and Thumbnail Overlays

Video SEO Tools

Includes: Keyword Explorer, Insta Suggest, Opportunity Finder, Search Rank Tracking, Video A/B Tests & Title Generator

Promotion Tools

Includes: Milestones, Promotion Materials, Publish to Facebook, Vid2Vid Promotion and Share Tracker.

Data and Research

Includes: Channel Access & Backup, Channelytics, Click Magnet, Search Insights, Videolytics etc.

Enterprise Plan

If you own a brand or manage multiple YouTube channels for brands, then the enterprise plan is your perfect option, and it comes with tools to boost views, content monetization, and engagement. Pricing for the Enterprise plan starts at $300 per month for up to 3 channels and it’s billed annually

Pricing Plans

TubeBuddy Pricing

There are 4 levels of pricing including:

  • Pro ($2.40/mo)
  • Start ($7.59/mo)
  • Legend ($19.60/mo)
  • Enterprise Bundle Pricing

There is an option to pay monthly or annually; the monthly option is a bit higher, while the yearly option comes with a discount.

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Pros and Cons


  • Affordable tools and plans start at $2.40/mo
  • It has the necessary tools to help grow your YouTube channel
  • There’s a free trial that lasts for 30 days
  • Easy to Use
  • There are monthly and yearly billing options
  • If you have less than 1000 subscribers, you will get a further 50% discount on the pro plan
  • You can download the mobile app and keep working on the go.


  • The Free plan comes with very limited features
  • You are from some features when using the free trial
  • The extension is only available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers

TubeBuddy Customer Support

For customer support, you can contact them using email, there is a FAQ section, help centre, live chat and chatbot assistant

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Final Verdict

TubeBuddy is a powerful tool and it’s recommended for YouTube creators who want to optimize and grow their channels views and subscribers

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