Shopify Dropshipping The Complete Guide For Beginners

Shopify Dropshipping: The Complete Guide For Beginners 2023

If you want to make money online, a dropshipping business should be one of your preferred choices, it is easy to start with a low start-up cost because you work from home using the internet and your device. To start a successful dropshipping business, you need the right platform and with Shopify dropshipping

You will be able to create your online store, add products, attract buyers and generate sales while your suppliers handle the shipping to your customers on your behalf.

This article will teach you everything you need to run a profitable Shopify dropshipping business.

What is Shopify Dropshipping?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that helps individuals and organizations to set up and run a successful business online.

With Shopify, you can build your own dropshipping store, import hot and trending products, promote to your audience and then allow your suppliers to deliver orders to your customers while you keep the profit.

That’s how easy and straightforward Shopify dropshipping is.

How Does Shopify Dropshipping work?

To start your own Shopify dropshipping, you need to sign up for an account, there are different pricing plans, choose the one that best fits your business goals and you can always upgrade as your business grows.

Is Shopify Dropshipping free?

Unfortunately, Dropshipping on Shopify is not free, you must pick a monthly paid plan starting at $24, however

you can get started with 3 days free trial with an option of extra 3 months for $1/month.

How Much Money Can You Make Dropshipping on Shopify?

There is no limit to how much you can make dropshipping on Shopify, it all depends on your efforts, niche, product margins and how well you can market your business but on average you should be able to make at least between $500 to $1k per month.

Can I do Shopify Dropshipping in Nigeria?

Yes, dropshipping is now one of the popular ways to earn a legitimate income online in Nigeria and with Shopify, starting your own successful dropshipping has been made easier.

Just read on to find out more.

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How To Start Shopify Dropshipping: Step By step guide

Choose A Niche

Though dropshipping is profitable there is stiff competition out there and to stand out of the crowd, you must not just pick a niche, but explore various sub-niches with low competition and products with high-profit margins.

Below are some hot niches and sub-niches you should consider :

1. Pet – foods, clothing, beds and collars.

2. Sport and Fitness – Gym clothes and bags yoga mats, shoes, bands

3. Beauty Products – hot hair brushes, makeup removers, shampoos, magnetic eyelashes

4. Baby Products – clothes, toys, food etc.

Choose a dropshipping supplier

Choosing a dropshipping supplier is an important step in starting a successful dropshipping business. Without suppliers, a dropshipping business would have no products to ship to customers and thus cease to exist.

DSers, Spocket and Dropshipman are some of the popular Shopify dropshipping apps that make it easy to find suppliers and products to sell in any niche, always ensure you go for products with good profit margins from verified suppliers only.

They can help you manage and forward customer orders to your supplier who will be responsible for packaging, shipping and inventory management.

These apps work AliExpress to help you import products quickly with one click to your store. You can simply click on the supplier link which will lead you to Aliexpress to learn more including customer ratings, product quality and reviews with shipping packages/times.

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Sign up on Shopify

Once you pick a niche, the next step is to sign up on Shopify, set up your account and choose a package from any of the 3 monthly pricing plans including, Basic $24/month, Shopify $69/month and Advanced $299/month.

There is also a Shopify Plus at $2,000 for large businesses.

Build your Online Store

The next thing is to start building your dropshipping store, this is where you will add your products, drive traffic, generate sales and process payments. 

Shopify makes it easy to design and launch your ecommerce website including adding a domain name, and important plugins, reaching a wider audience around the world, managing products, selling in multiple currencies and accepting payments through various gateways. 

The drag-and-drop store builder makes it easy to design the visual appearance of your store using Shopify themes.

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