How To Pay For Facebook Ads In Nigeria


Are you constantly been frustrated by Facebook ads payment problem? you are not alone and in this article, I will reveal the best way to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria.

With over 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become a veritable platform for businesses to reach new customers, increase visibility and generate more revenue online. But the actual problem of paying for the Facebook ads itself is one of the major issues for business owners in Nigeria.

The good news is that, with this article, you will discover the best way to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria. Ready? let’s go.

Why Facebook reject your Card

If you have tried paying for your Facebook ads but your Nigerian bank card was rejected, the problem is not from Facebook but from your bank. It is either your card is not eligible for online transactions or your bank can’t process your online payment.

If any of this happens, your Facebook ad campaign will suddenly stop running or it won’t run at all.

Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) now has a strict policy concerning online transactions with dollars, that is why there is always a limit to how much you can spend online.

Most of the advertisers having payment issues with Facebook ads is because their ad account is in dollars and if your ad account is in dollars, you will only pay in dollars with your card and banks in Nigeria have placed a limit on all dollar card and once you hit that limit, your Facebook ads will stop running. This is really frustrating.

Best way to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria

The best way to solve your payment issue with Facebook ads is to have your ad account in Naira.

That means at the point of creating a new ad account, you must make sure the currency is in Naira and you can also change your ad account currency from dollar to naira, but that will mean creating a new ad account and you will lose all the features of the old account in dollars.

Once your Facebook ad account is now in Naira, the best way to fund it is through PayU.

PayU is a payment technology in Nigeria that allows merchants to accept payment and also pay for goods and services online.

I recommend PayU because it is what I use to pay for Facebook and Instagram ads in Nigeria and I have not had any complain thus far.

How to pay for Facebook ads with PayU

Before you proceed, make sure your Nigerian bank card is based on Mastercard, Verve or Visa often times get rejected.

Then log in to your Facebook ads manager:

This is my own Facebook ads manager screen and your own will be different, then click on the nine dots at the top left corner

Then click on Billing as you can see in the image above and on payment settings

Clock on the add payment method button and make sure you tick the box for Local cards with the payu logo and then click next.

Add the amount you want to pay, click next and also click on the green continue button

You can now add your card info and complete the payment

If you encounter any problem, wait and try again later and if its persist makes sure you consult your bank.

So what has been your experience trying to pay for your Facebook ads in naira with PayU? let us discuss in the comment section below.

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