How To Start Dropshipping Business With Alidropship Plugin


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Alidropship empowers entrepreneurs to start their own dropshipping business on Aliexpress with simple but effective tools using WordPress and with Alidropship, you can start your dropshipping journey using any of the means below:

  1. Create your own store from scratch using the plugin
  2. Order a custom store and the alidropship team will help set it up with products fully ready for sales.
  3. Get an established dropshipping store already making sales and profits, it is the fastest way to your own dropshipping business.

But for the purpose of this guide, we are focusing on only the plugin.

With the alidropship plugin, you can build your own store and it works with WordPress, so you will need a hosting and domain in order to install it on your website. Hosting is a space on the web that you will keep your sites files while domain is the name of your website eg,

On average, web hosting cost at least $15 per month and domain name can cost upto $12 a year and this can be too much for beginners on a budget, but the good news is that Bluehost, a WordPress recommended hosting provider is offering to register a domain for you free of charge only if you purchase hosting from them that sounds like a good deal right?

After getting your web hosting and domain name from Bluehost, it is time to go ahead and install WordPress on your new shiny website and you can do this through your cpanel which will be provide by Bluehost.

And now that your website is fully ready, the fun part start, you need to purchase your Alidropship plugin and upload it to your website to start setting up your dropshipping store. The Alidropship plugin cost just $89 and the good news is that it is a one time payment, that means you will not pay any other fee for life.

The plugin also includes a free version for woocommerce for those who prefer running their store with woocommerce.

But alidropship is not the only platform that allows you to jumpstart your dropshipping journey because there are others like Shopify which is the closest challenger but we always recommend starting with alidropship because it is beginner friendly, cost effective and scalable. In order to ensure this article is not too long, we are going to cover a side by side comparisons of both platforms in our next post.

Why Do We Recommend Alidropship Plugin

  • One Click Import From Aliexpress
Alidropship one click import

Just go to and import your desired products and you will see everything on your store immediately including all details like images, descriptions and variants.

  • FREE package of 50 AliExpress bestsellers
alidropship aliexpress top selling products

Once You install the plugin, you will be given an instant access to 50 free Aliexpress best selling products in any niche and while the the first 50 is free, you can get more top selling products at a fee.

  • All In One Solution For Your Business
alidropship  store dashboard

With the plugin,you are given a single powerful dashboard to manage your business including inventory, sourcing, pricing, traffic, sales and much more.

  • Works Fully With WooCommerce
alidropship plugin woocommerce

If you don’t like to use the original alidroship plugin, there is a free version for woocommerce for you to work with.

  • Website Customization

It includes several built in paid and free themes that will make it easy to customize your site, edit your products and category pages and also add content to them, you will also enjoy a free image Editor which you can use to improve pictures with no need for an external software.

  • Marketing Feature

The plugin helps you run sales and promote a store by providing website visitors with custom coupons; engage your customers and encourage sales due to the option of importing reviews into your online store directly from AliExpress; optimize your product pages for search engines by means of product meta tags, titles, descriptions, keywords, etc. Smart email notifications can also become a powerful marketing tool and let you increase your conversion rate, bring new and repeat buyers, and so on.

  • Payment Processors Support

It support popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, 2CO, PayU, there is also support for local payment gateways in some countries.

  • Free Lifelong Support

Among the benefit of getting the Alidropship plugin is continuous free and lifelong support, the support team are always on standby to render whatever assistance you need in order to grow your business.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Alidropship plugin

But Is The Plugin Right For You?

One of the questions that may likely arise is if this plugin is the right tool to start your dropshipping business and the answer is short and simple, it depends

If you are looking for tool that will let you start your Aliexpress dropshipping business without paying monthly subscription fees, easy for beginners, easy to set up without touching a line of code, enough and easy site customization, then it is obvious the Alidropship plugin is the best for you.

Do you think the Alidropship plugin is right for you?, if yes you can go ahead and click any of the links on this page to complete your purchase and also don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comment section.

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