How To Get Started With Stakecut Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make money online through affiliate marketing, then you should consider joining the Stakecut affiliate program. Stakecut is a reliable and one of the leading affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria that offers internet marketers the opportunity to earn a commission by promoting products. In this guide, you will learn how to get started with Stakecut affiliate marketing and increase your income online.

This works perfectly, Whether you’re an experienced affiliate marketer or a total newbie, this guide will provide the necessary information you need to succeed as a Stakecut affiliate!

What is Stakecut and how does it work?

Stakecut is an affiliate marketing platform where internet marketers can sign up as affiliates, pick and promote products to their audience and for each sales you generate, you will be paid a commission which is a percentage of the product sale and the commission is usually 50%

  • Stakecut pays commission affiliates every Monday
  • You have the option of receiving your payment in naira, dollars or any other currency
  • It is free to sign up but you will be charge a fee from every sale you make

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Is Stakecut legit?

Yes, stakecut is a legit platform and they have a solid team that verify all products and ensure quality compliance before they are allowed to be listed, all digital products are owned by verified vendors who pass through rigorous approval process.

How To Become an Affiliate on Stakecut

To become an affiliate on stakecut is easy and straightforward, all you have to do is visit and click on the “Claim your Free Account” button and on the next screen, enter your first and last name, email address, password and click on Sign Up with Email. That’s all, you have now become an affiliate on stakecut

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How To make money on Stakecut

After you have successfully sign up as an affiliate, the next step is to pick a product of your choice and start promoting, you will find many hot selling products from top vendors when you login to your affiliate dashboard. Don’t make the mistake of just picking a product, you have to decide on a niche and carefully choose a product that aligns with that niche, this will help you to remain focus and not confuse your audience.

Here are some of the best selling products on Stakecut:

An important tip is to buy the product you are interested in promoting to know how it works and this will help you to sell confidently to your audience since you have an extensive knowledge of the product.

Add bonuses to your product in order to increase your chances of getting sales and always visit the JV Page to access the promotional materials and creatives for affiliates.

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How To sell on Stakecut

To be paid commission as an affiliate on stakecut you must promote and sell products, there are different digital marketing strategies you can utilize to generate sales, in your affiliate dashboard, navigate to the Stakecut University tab and access free quality videos on numerous online marketing strategies including:

  • How To Setup Lead Funnel
  • How to create Lead Magnet
  • Writing affiliate promo swipes and full promo copy
  • Complete Facebook Ads Training

All these materials will equip you with the required skills to successfully promote your affiliate products and earn commissions.

Other marketing strategies you should consider include:

  • Setting up a website or blog to create quality content around your niche and include links to the products you are promoting
  • Use SEO to drive organic traffic to your blog
  • Share your content on social media with a link back to your blog, this will allow them to visit and access the entire content and if they click on your link and make a purchase, you earn a commission.
  • Run paid ads on Google to generate quick traffic
  • Create a YouTube Channel for video content, this will be an important traffic source for you

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is Stakecut Free?

Yes, stakecut is free join for all affiliates there is no annual fee

Who Owns Stakecut?

It was co-founded by Joshua Mba and Czar Nnamani

When does Stakecut pay Affiliates?

They pay every Monday

How long does it take to Money?

That entirely depends on your efforts

Can I sell my Product on Stakecut?

Yes, as a vendor, you can list your products on Stakecut

Stakecut Review

Stakecut is one of the legit and leading affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria and all products always go through quality assurance process and approved before being listed. There is an effective support system for affiliates and vendors, quality training materials, hot selling products to pick and promotes with 50% commission

In our research, we have found stakecut to be a reliable affiliate marketing website and they keep growing, it is a perfect platform for both seasoned and beginner affiliate marketers to make money online.


In conclusion, stakecut is a legit website that will help fulfil your dream of making money through affiliate marketing, there are several hot selling products and also training and promotional materials to assist you in promoting the products and earning commissions

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