How To Build A Real Estate Website In 7 Steps

If you are into real estate or have plans to venture into it, having a website can make all the difference for you, and with 6 billion searches taking place on Google every day, an impressive part of those searches are from people that need information about properties.

Imagine having your own real estate website that will appear when potential clients search for lands or houses within your location, that means hundreds if not thousands of would-be property buyers will visit your website daily and if they are convinced will eventually buy from you. How do you build a real estate website?

Keep reading till the end to learn all you need to know

Why Do You Need A Real Estate Website?

A website can help your real estate business in many ways including:

  • You can display your properties to be seen by buyers
  • You can create contents that educate people about important things they should know before making a purchase and this will help to establish you as an expert which in turn leads to sales.
  • Though people are searching for lands or houses to buy, they are also being careful to avoid scammers, a good website helps you stand out as legit.
  • You can drive interested buyers from Google to your website to learn more about your business.
  • It helps you build a good brand and gain the trust of buyers

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How To Build A Real Estate Website In 7 Steps

Register a Domain Name

The first step is to register a unique domain name for your business, it should not be too long, make it easy to produce and ensure it contains your business name. You can get your domain from

Sign Up for Web Hosting

You also need web hosting, this ensures your website can be seen online, a website is a server that will make your site show up on the internet each time a user request for it one thing to keep in mind is your website performance, a poor or slow hosting will affect you and your SEO. If you need a recommendation on good hosting providers, you can choose from the following:

Choose A Website Builder

There are many software you can use to build your website faster, especially if you don’t know how to code. WordPress is the no 1 website builder in the world, and we always use it to design websites for our numerous clients. You will simply install it on your domain and your new website will be on the internet

If you don’t have the expertise to build your own website that is not a problem, you can hire us to design a perfect website for your real estate business, it will be fast, sleek and compatible with SEO. Contact us now

Pick A Theme and Customise Your Website

A theme controls the virtual appearance of a website and with WordPress, you will find different real estate themes to help you design your website, consider the following when choosing a theme:

It must be fast (for the sake of SEO)

It must be regularly updated to prevent security breaches

Must be from reputable developers

It should be designed specifically for real estate

Add Pages and Blog Posts

Pages are mandatory for every website and will keep yours organized, making it easier for users to navigate your website. You can add the following pages:

  • Homepage: This is the front section of your site and it’s very important
  • About Us: Explain and go in depth about what your business does
  • Service/Portfolio: This is where you display images and videos of your properties including all the necessary details to help buyers make the right decisions.
  • Contact Us: Display your business contact details so people can reach you effortlessly.
  • Blog Page: Create and publish regular content in order to educate and inform your clients.

Upload Images and Videos of your Properties

By now your portfolio page should be ready because this is where you will display pictures of properties including videos if you have any, this page is only to showcase your lands or houses and nothing else, then add contact details at the bottom to enable people to reach you for enquiries

Important Tip: Too many videos can slow down your website, you create an account on YouTube or Vimeo to host your videos then copy and paste the links on your website.

Add Important Plugins

Plugins add extra functions and make your website work more effectively and if your website is built using WordPress you will have access to thousands of plugins in the directory, the following plugins are important for your website:

  • Yoast SEO: Helps your site to rank high on search engine
  • Elementor: Help you to build pages
  • Site Kit: Connect your website to Google Analytics and Seach Console
  • WP Forms: Create contact forms for your visitors
  • Sucuri or Wordfence: Ensure optimum security and prevent hackers
  • UpdraftPlus: Create backups and upload them to the cloud
  • Optinmonster: Capture user details, generate leads and build your email list
  • WP Rocket/Autoptimize: Boost speed and improve performance

In Conclusion

A website is an indispensable tool for businesses and as a developer or agent, creating one for your real estate business will you attract more buyers and increase sales online

Visit our blog page for more quality content and if you are having challenges building your real estate website, we can help you. Send us a message now

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