Digistem Affiliate Program Guide for Beginners

Digistem Affiliate Program Guide for Beginners

There are now many affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria that you can join and start making money online. Platforms like Digistem, Expertnaire, and Stakecut now make it easy to start affiliate marketing without relying on foreign websites like Clickbank, and in this Digistem Affiliate Program Guide for Beginners, you will learn how to start your own money-making affiliate marketing business. 

What is Digistem Affiliate Program and How Does it Work

Digistem is an affiliate marketplace in Nigeria where vendors list their digital products and allow affiliates to promote these products and earn a commission for every sale. They pay affiliates into their local Nigerian bank account weekly every Saturday 

As an affiliate, you can earn between 50% to 70% commission on each sale you make 

Is Digistem Legit? 

Based on our research, Digistem is a legit platform for affiliate marketing and all products listed on the website by vendors are also verified

Is Digistem Free 

Sadly, it is not free they charge every affiliate an annual fee of N5,000, but if you want to start affiliate marketing for free, then check this article How to start Affiliate marketing in Nigeria with no money 

You can get the Ultimate Money Machine (UMM) course for 5,000 naira and this gives you one year of free access to the platform.

How to Make Sales on Digistem

Follow these strategies to make money promoting digital products on Digistem :

  1. Use Social media 

Search for groups on Facebook that relates to your niche, and post relevant and valuable content, but don’t include your affiliate links or you will likely be removed Once people show interest, you can go to their inbox and drop them a message; this is where you add links to the products you are selling. 

Run Facebook ads that send people to WhatsApp, save their details and ask them to save yours, add them to a broadcast, and market to them consistently, including on your status. 

Create an account on Tiktok and build your audience with quality and relevant video content

2. Create your own Blog

You can use WordPress to create a simple and SEO-friendly blog where you will be publishing regular posts and including your affiliate links, and if you optimize your blog very well, it will rank higher on Google, bringing you quality traffic. To create your own blog, you need a domain name and web hosting, namecheap offers affordable custom domain, while you can get fast web hosting from these providers :

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3. Use Email Marketing 

You can add an opt-in form in your blog to collect contact details of your visitors, this allows you to build an email list and send email content to them with your affiliate links. To start email marketing, you have to sign up for an email service provider, Getresponse, Emailoctopus, and MooSend have affordable and generous plans for affiliate marketers. 

4. Create a YouTube Channel 

Create and publish videos on YouTube to educate people about topics related to your niche, and add your affiliate links in the description. You can also make money with the YouTube monetization program. 

In Conclusion 

Digistem is one of the affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria and as an affiliate, you earn up to 70% commission selling verified digital products. There are other platforms like Expertnaire, Stakecut, Lenoflix and Nohitch Affiliates. 

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