Best Organic Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing In 2023

Affiliate marketing remains one of the best ways to make money online by simply promoting other people’s products and receiving a commission for each sale you are able to generate, but to earn your commissions, your audience needs to click on your affiliate link and then buy the products you are promoting and that’s why it’s important you drive traffic to your affiliate link.

There are two methods for driving traffic for affiliate marketing which can either be paid or organic and in this article, we will walk you through the Best Organic Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing.


Best Organic Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

Quora is a question-and-answer website with over 300 million monthly visits, on this platform users are allowed to ask questions on any given topic and others can provide the answers. This is excellent opportunity for you to search for questions within your niche, provide detailed answers and include a link back to your blog content.

Quora also allows you to create a space which is like a Facebook group with content which people can join and here, you can also add an external link to your website or blog to generate organic traffic to your affiliate offers .

One rule you must obey at all times while on Quora is never to post your affiliate link directly on the platform which is against their policy and doing this will likely get your account banned.


Medium is a free blogging platform that allows you to create a blog paying zero dollars and this is really useful especially if you don’t have enough cash but still want to start affiliate marketing with no money

Implement these tips to succeed as an affiliate marketer on Medium:

  • Create content that engage, educate and inform your audience this will ensure they keep visiting your blog
  • Avoid spamming with too many affiliate links
  • When you are just starting, focus on publishing 1-2 posts weekly and as you grow, increase to 3-5 posts per week
  • Use the built-in analytics to track the performance of your blog
  • Once you’ve generated enough commissions, consider scaling by building your own website or blog using a platform like WordPress

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Social Media

Share your content on social media to keep your audience engaged, also add social sharing buttons on your site to make it easy for your visitors to share with their friends. Social media is a proven platform to drive traffic for affiliate marketing.


Pinterest is a visual discovery engine where you can find ideas that spark your creativity and it allows you to to organize your pins and save in a board. You can use it for affiliate marketing by using a tool like canva to design a cover for your pins, upload, add a description and include your affiliate links or content url, then publish

Though pinterest is a visual platform to get ideas for your next project, it is still suitable for affiliate marketing and remains largely untapped.


Reddit is a popular online forum where you can participate in discussions and create content relevant to your niche, avoid posting your affiliate url directly, instead drop a link to your blog article that contains an affiliate link


Slideshare is world’s largest platform for presentation, to create an account is free and you can create and share your content in a variety of formats including pdf, videos, PowerPoint, open document and keynote

Using slideshare is like killing two birds with a stone and this is because you share your content which allows you to build an audience and at the same time, include your affiliate links in the description to drive traffic.

Guest Posting

Seek collaboration with other publishers within your niche through guest posting and always include a link back to your own content that contains your affiliate links. It also comes with other benefits such as helping you to build Backlinks, increase your domain authority and trustworthiness.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and attracts billions of users every day. It’s an excellent place to create videos related to your niche and promote your affiliate offers. By providing valuable and engaging content, you can attract more followers and drive traffic to your site.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to generate organic traffic to your affiliate offers. By building a list of subscribers and sending them valuable content and promotions, you can drive traffic to your site and increase your conversions. It’s essential to create engaging and relevant content and segment your list to increase your conversions.

Add affiliate link to your active social media bio and when you post content where people find it valuable, the chances of them checking your profile is high, this is an opportunity to learn more about you, a good description will likely persuade them to click on your affiliate link and check out your affiliate offer.

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