Alidropship Vs Shopify: Which is the Best for Dropshipping

Alidropship and Shopify are two of the most popular platforms for starting a profitable Dropshipping business, but many beginners are always confused about the right platform to choose in order to build their dropshipping store. This article will compare Alidropship vs Shopify and at the end, you will be in a better position to determine between the two platforms which is the best for dropshipping

Alidropship vs Shopify: Brief Overview

Lets consider a brief overview of both platforms one at a time in this section


Alidropship is an all in one solution that helps people setup a dropshipping business, it works exclusively with Aliexpress from Importing items to your store, setting markup, managing inventory to forwarding orders to your suppliers for shipping and there are three ways to start dropshipping using Alidropship including:

  • Buy a plugin and build a store yourself
  • Get a done for you custom store in a profitable niche
  • Get wan exact copy of a successful store (premium solution)

You only pay a one time fee irrespective of the solution you go for, this means there is no monthly subscription.


Shopify just like Alidropship, helps you to start a complete dropshipping and this includes, building a store, adding products, set prices and managing shipping with your suppliers

With shopify, building a store is straightforward but the major drawback is their monthly recurring cost.

Learn more about Shopify dropshipping in our complete guide

Unique Features


  • Automation: You can automate your business through any of these options, buy a plugin and do it yourself, Go for a custom store or order a premium store
  • Web Hosting: They have a hosting solution which is perfect for dropshipping starting from $69/year with SSL certificate
  • Add-ons: Powerful add-ons that will make it easy to run your business and boost sales
  • Themes: Pick from a selection of high converting themes to design your store


  • Online Store Builder: Drag and drop builder that let you create your store just the way you want it
  • Theme store: Select from Customizable templates making it easy to design your store.
  • App store: Add extra functionality and increase your store performance using apps from experience developers

Pros and Cons



  • It is easy to setup and manage
  • No monthly subscription, you only pay a one time fee except for add-ons or extra services
  • Team of experts to assist you even if you’re a complete beginner
  • It it easy to scale


  • It is technical and requires a bit of experience



  • building a store is a bit easy compared to alidropship
  • There’s 3 days free trial
  • There is an effective support system
  • Access to an app store


  • There’s monthly subscription
  • The cost will keep increasing as you upgrade your store


Alidropship is a one-time purchase, with prices starting at $89 for the plugin, $299 for Custom store and $300 for the premium package .

Shopify has a monthly subscription fee, with plans starting at $32/month for the basic package you can get 25% discount for yearly subscription.

Alidropship vs Shopify: Alternatives

If you don’t like Alidropship or Shopify, sure there are other dropshipping platforms you can use to get started:

  • WooCommerce: Whether you want to build a full blown eCommerce website or just a dropshipping store, you can trust it to help you achieve that. It is a part of WordPress, free and with over 5 million downloads and a separate store where you can access various dropshipping plugins
  • BigCommerce: This is another powerful eCommerce platform that let you build an online store and start your dropshipping business. Their built-in tools and add-ons will improve your online store visitor’s experience. It is a subscription-based platform just like Shopify with the standard plan starting $29/month.


We hope with our Alidropship vs Shopify comparison, you are now able to choose the perfect platform to start your own profitable dropshipping business

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