8 Effective Ways To Boost Your Website Speed In 2022 and Beyond

Are you dealing with a slow website? You are not alone; many website owners are struggling with slow site speed, which has a lot of negative effects, including poor SEO performance and little or no sales.

Speed is now a ranking factor and that means if your site is slow, search engines like Google will not like to rank it because they want the best experience for their users

An increase in website speed will also boost a business’s online visibility

And if you are interested in boosting your website speed, keep reading to learn more.

Why Your Website Should Load Faster?

Search Engine Ranking: Since speed is a ranking factor and if your website is slow, it will suffer from low ranking which means fewer people can notice it and you get poor traffic

Poor Sales: Nobody will like to waste extra time waiting for your website to load when they can simply visit your competitor’s website to buy the same product you are selling

How to test Website Speed?

The first step to improving your site speed is to test it, GT Metrix is a popular tool for website speed testing and it can be done within seconds, you can also try Pingdom and Google pagespeed insight

How To Boost Your Website Speed in 2022 and Beyond

1. Use Fast Web Hosting

If your web hosting is slow, your website will also be slow and for the best performance, consider choosing a hosting provider that is known for high speed

You should consider the server locations that are offered when selecting a host. Since physical distance influences download speeds, the location of your server will have an impact on how quickly pages load.

2. Choose a Fast Theme

Have you visited a website and been impressed by its appearance? that is the work of a theme, it controls the look and feel of a site but a poorly coded and slow theme will affect your website performance. Only install a lightweight theme in order to speed things up and if your website is built using WordPress

You can check out this list of the Fastest WordPress Themes

3. Upload and Optimize your Images

While images help to make your website look attractive, they will slow down things down if the sizes are too big and some also come with codes that can cause more harm, consider optimizing the images, you can do this before uploading to the website or optimize all at once.

With WordPress, you can use a plugin to perform this task. Smush is a popular image optimization plugin and it’s available in the WordPress directory.

4. Use Page Catching (It’s Important)

Using page caching remains one of the best ways you can improve your site’s performance, with this method instead of loading a fresh page each time a user visits your website, catching simply stores a copy of that page so that it can be accessed quickly without loading from scratch and this way, your site will load faster.

WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin you will need to buy and if you are looking for free options, you can go for WP Super Cache or WP Fastest Cache

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5. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A content delivery network is a group of servers that are distributed in different locations around the world and using it will ensure your website contents are stored in a server closer to your audience for faster response.

6. Host your Media files Elsewhere

Instead of uploading audio and video files directly to your website, you can host them on a different platform like Youtube or Vimeo and then copy and paste the links to your site, the videos will still display for your visitors to watch.

Uploading videos to your website will slow down the speed

7. Cleanup Your Database

After using it for a long time, your database will have lots of information that you probably don’t need anymore. For improved performance, you can simply clean up your database to get rid of all that unnecessary information.

With WordPress, you can do it easily using the plugin Advanced Database Cleaner. It allows you to clean your WordPress database by deleting things like trashed posts, revisions, unused tags, etc. It will also optimize your database’s structure with just a click.

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8. Use Fast Plugins

Some plugins are Poorly coded and most times contain too much bloat even if it’s not necessary for a site. This increases your page load speed and slows down your site.

Always install fast plugins, you can run a speed test on the plugins you intend to use.

Final Thought

If you implement all these strategies, you will definitely witness a boost in your website speed

If you are yet to have a website for your business, chat with us on WhatsApp and let’s discuss a perfect website for your brand.

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