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7 Things To Do After Launching Your Website

7 Things To Do After Launching Your Website

After launching your website, there are some important things to do if you want your website to function just the way you desire

You can configure your website to rank high on search engines, boost security, backup and add important plugins all to help create the kind of experience that will keep your visitors engaged and coming back

If you want to know those important actions to take once your website is live on the internet

Here are seven things to do after launching your website

What You Must have Before Creating a Website

  • Register a Domain Name

Think of a domain like your physical home address and goes like this, example.com or yoursitename.com

This will make it easy for people to locate your website on the web, you can buy affordable domains from namecheap

  • Sign up for Web Hosting

Hosting is the space you acquire on the internet in order to keep your website files and without it your site won’t be found online

You can get your hosting from:





  • A website Building Platform

WordPress is the number one website builder in the world without touching a line of code with numerous customization

2WV Digital is a WordPress web design agency, we design fast and beautiful websites for our clients. Discuss your website project with us

Install a Theme and Customize Your Website

A ttheme controls the visual appearance of your site and make it look attractive, it also helps to make it easy to navigate for your visitors

There are thousands of themes on the official WordPress directory and you will likely find one for the kind of website you are building. You can get many premium themes with extra features on themeforest.

Ensure Regular Backup

You must backup your website immediately after its created and this will be helpful in the event of an attack, if you’ve lost some important files, instead of trying to recover by rebuilding from scratch

You can simply reinstall the backup version

To do this, install the UpdraftPlus plugin and always back up to a remote server like Google Drive or Dropbox

Take Security Seriously

7 Things To Do After Launching Your Website

Hackers are always on the rampage and can take down any website without mercy, don’t become a victim

It’s your responsibility to ensure to take steps and secure your website

Plugins like sucuri and wordfence will help you to keep your site safe with regular monitoring, scanning and preventing against attacks and the good thing is they work on autopilot

Another step to take and ensure your site stays safe is being careful of the kind of files you have, some plugins and themes are poorly coded and can be vulnerable containing pathway for hackers to gain access to your website

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Optimize for Search Engines

7 Things To Do After Launching Your Website

Search engines like Google can be an important source of free traffic and sales for you, that’s why you must optimize your site to rank higher by including targeted keywords in title tags and meta description of pages and posts

Install yoast plugin and get tips and strategies to help your website become seo friendly

Connect To Analytics and Verify Ownership

You need analytics in order to monitor the performance of your website and you must also verify ownership of your website so it can be visible on search engines

Using the site kit plugin, you will not just connect to Google analytics but also verify your site ownership through search console all with a Gmail account

Install Important Plugins

Plugins make your website to work better by adding essential functions and in WordPress, you will find plugins for every feature you need

You need a page builder, being able to do email marketing, configure your site for search engine, connecting to social media and much more, you can achieve all of these using plugins and there are many of them in the WordPress directory

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Connect To Social Media

7 Things To Do After Launching Your Website

There’s a plugin that can allow you to connect your website to the social media, your visitors can share your posts to their friends helping you to get more page views and traffic

You can build an audience on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and twitter, share your contents to engage and send them to your site an effective way to generate sales online

Tell us the exact things you did immediately after your website launch and if you find this article helpful, kindly drop a comment below

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