7 Black Friday Tips for eCommerce Brands

Black Friday is an important period every year for businesses especially ecommerce brands and it occurs on fourth Friday in November, it is when businesses make the most sales as a result of discounts and other irresistible offers.

If you own an ecommerce business, black Friday is that period you shouldn’t let go by without taking advantage of it and hit your sales target

If you are looking for ideas to get started, here 7 Black Friday Tips for eCommerce Brands

1. Build Awareness Early

What is the point of having those irresistible offers line up for black Friday if people don’t know about it, start creating awareness early, don’t wait until a week before black Friday before you launch your marketing campaigns, start much earlier

2. Create Urgency (FOMO)

Some buyers like to procrastinate especially if they know there’s still time for them to come back and buy and that is why most times they end up not buying. Try to avoid this with URGENCY in your OFFER, create FEAR OF MISSING OUT using a time based offer.

eg, Buy now and get 50% off with FREE delivery only for 24 hours.

3. Use Bundle Offers

People engage in impulse purchase if they found an INSANE deal, imagine combining three to five products and sell for the price of one even with added benefits, there’s no way you won’t force ,money out of people’s wallet with this strategy.

4. Offer Discounts

Black Friday is what it is because of the CRAZY discounts sellers like to offer to buyers and this always build anticipation leading up to this period, you are likely going to make alot of sales if you have good discounts just try it.

5. Offer Easy Online Payment

Black Friday often generate so much buzz online because that’s where it takes place, people will be glued to their smartphones searching for the latest deals and if you can direct your customers to your online store making it easy for them to select products they like and eventually pay with zero stress, trust me you are going to make alot of much sales.

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6. Promote Your Offers

Don’t wait until a week before black Friday to start marketing what you have to offer and the truth is, if you have a good line up of OFFERS for black Friday no doubt, they will most likely get sold out but this will depend on how effective your marketing is.

You should invest in online marketing, create an eCommerce website, make sure you optimize it to rank high on Google and other search engines, run paid ads campaign on Google, Facebook and Instagram that sends buyers to your online store. Also create and publish fresh, unique and regular contents on your website and share on all your social platforms.

7. Spy On Your Competitors

They maybe doing certain things right and better than you, know what they are doing learn and take inspiration, don’t copy aimlessly make sure you modify to suit your own offer.

Final Thought

To generate the most sales, don’t just sell on black Friday which occurs on the fourth Friday you can start from the first Friday in November until the last.

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