29 Must-Have Features For Ecomerce Websites

Building an E-commerce website allows you to make money online by selling products to interested buyers. The demand for a convenient shopping experience and the increase in smartphone usage has led to the continuous increase in the growth of e-commerce worldwide, and based on available statistics, more people will continue to shop online, which is also an opportunity for online store owners to generate more sales. However, having a good e-commerce website is not enough, to succeed, you should ensure certain features are found in your online store for improved user and shopping experiences. Without wasting much time, here are the 29 must-have features for e-commerce websites:

1. Mobile Design:

With mobile devices accounting for the great majority of internet traffic, it is important that e-commerce websites be mobile-friendly. This means that the website should be adapted for smaller displays, with simple navigation and a responsive layout that changes to changing screen sizes automatically. Also, making your website design to be mobile-friendly will improve your SEO because Google considers mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor and with online shoppers now preferring to buy using their smartphones, you will likely generate a lot of sales on your website.

2. Various Payment Options:

E-commerce websites should provide different payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Buy Now Pay Later, Online transfers, crypto and other popular options, to ensure a smooth buying experience. Customers will find it easier to make purchases this way, regardless of their preferred payment method.

3. Return and Refund Policy:

Making it easy for your customers to return products if they are not satisfied and also get a refund when the need arises, will boost their confidence and encourage them to shop on your website again.

4. Site Search:

Including a site search function is important for your e-commerce website. This feature will allow customers to quickly find the products they are looking for, without having to move back and forth through different pages.

5. Customer Testimonials:

Include as many customer testimonials as possible to provide social proof and convince potential buyers that your products are of high quality. You can display them on the homepage or on product pages, to help build trust for your brand.

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6. Email Sign-Up:

Some people may not buy the first time they come to your online store, but being able to collect their email addresses will allow you to build an email list and send promotional offers to their inbox, remaining them to make a purchase. Email marketing is an important marketing strategy for e-commerce brands and if done well, can skyrocket your sales. Show sign-up forms in strategic places and also utilize pop-ups.

7. Live Chat:

The likelihood of people making a purchase will increase if they know you are available to provide instant answers to questions and this is possible using a live chat function which can help to improve their shopping experience.

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

An FAQ section will help to provide answers to common customer questions and eliminate the need for customer support, you can add it possibly to the front page, product pages and even dedicate an entire webpage to it.

9. Product Options:

Improve shopping experience by Offering various product options including, different sizes, colors, and bundles, this can help to boost your sales and customer satisfaction.

10. Contact Information:

Display a floating button on all pages to enable customers to reach you easily, having a clear and easy-to-find contact page, including phone number, email address, and physical address, is important for building customer trust.

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11. Product Videos:

Use videos to showcase the features of your product and explain the benefits this will help your customers to make better buying decisions.

12. Coupon Codes:

People like discount as it provides cheaper ways to buy items, and offering coupon codes can be an excellent way to encourage customers to make a purchase and at the same time allow you to track the success of specific marketing campaigns.

13. Product Wishlist and Quick View:

A wishlist feature allows customers to save products they are interested in into their user accounts for later purchase, whereas a quick view feature allows customers to see important information about a product without visiting the product page.

14. Multi-Currency Support:

Support for multiple currencies is absolutely crucial for businesses that sell to shoppers in different countries. Customers will be able to see prices in their home currency, which can help to increase sales.

15. Mobile App:

Having a mobile app can help to enhance your buyer’s shopping experience on mobile, some people want to browse through products catalogue without visiting your online store, you can increase awareness and boost downloads by letting your customers know about it on the homepage and through the app, you can send new products updates to customers when available.

16. Chatbot:

Chatbot on a smartphone

A chatbot is a valuable innovation for businesses and e-commerce brands like yours can leverage it to improve customer experience, chatbot is an Ai software that performs a variety of human tasks. Integrating chatbot into your e-commerce website can help you with the following:

  • Chat with customers and offer customized support
  • Offer products recommendation
  • Accept and confirm orders
  • Track customer engagement
  • Answer questions and gather feedback

One important thing about chatbot is the ability to provide data about customer behaviour which will help you to make the right business decisions

There are many platforms that will help you to build your own chatbot such as Chatfuel, Mobilemonkey and Manychat, alternatively, if your website is built on WordPress, you can find many plugins (free and paid) that make it easy to add chatbot to your e-commerce website

17. Product Carousel:

Adding a carousel will help to display featured products so that your customers can easily scroll through and make the right choice, this can boost customer engagement and experience.

18. Easy Navigation:

Make your website easy to navigate so that visitors can find the products they are looking for, add a navigation menu to the header section that links to the shop page and other important webpages including categories and also repeat this step at the footer section and will improve the overall shopping experience.

19. Blog Section:

Create a blog section on your website because this is where you will be publishing unique contents to educate your visitors about the benefits of your products, doing this regularly will help your website to rank higher on search engines and increase organic traffic.

20. Push Notifications:

Push Notification on a smartphone

Push notification is an important feature for every website, you don’t just want to drive traffic, you must ensure they keep coming back, this is what push notifications help you to achieve by sending updates to your visitors about new products, recent blog posts and others, this also helps to boost customer engagement and increase sales.

You can easily setup push notification with the help of a plugin (WordPress Users Only), you can try One Signal or Pushengage

21. Multi-Lingual Support:

If you sell your products to customers in different countries, then you need to offer support for multiple languages. This will make it easy for people to navigate your website in their local or prefered language, Google Translate can help your customers to translate your online store into their own language.

22. SEO-Friendly Product Pages:

Let your product pages be SEO friendly so they can be visible on search engines, add your products keyword to title tag, meta description, and URL, include alt text in images, clear and concise product descriptions, and schema markup to improve click-through rate.

23. Local Store Information:

If you have a physical store, you can use your online store to drive foot traffic by showcasing your local store address and contact information, this way customers can easily order online and then pick-up in store.

24. Reward Program:

Ecommerce Brand Reward Program

Creating a reward or loyalty program is an essential marketing strategy which can syrocket your sales, people love incentive and rewarding customers for making purchases show that you are caring and it will also lead to brand loyalty .

If you are looking for reward and loyalty program ideas, here are few tips:

  • Create a VIP package
  • Offer points for purchase and this will let your buyers accumulate points and redeem after a certain threshold
  • Offer Giveaways
  • Free shipping
  • Gift cards

25. Order Tracking:

Anytime poeple buy online, one that’s always on their mind is when their order will arrive, am order tracking feature allows customers to easily track the status of their orders, which can provide peace of mind and enhance good buyers experience.

26. Product Filtering:

Ecommerce Products Filter

Customer’s ability to sort or filter products based on colors, brands, price and sizes is now considered a standard feature for every e-commerce website and you shouldn’t be left behind however, it is easy to add product filtering feature if your online store is built with WooComemrce.

27. SSL Certificate and HTTPS:

For the sake of security, all websites are now expected to have an SSL certificate with HTTPS, it is mandatory in order to protect customer information and ensure buyers are secured online.

If your website lacks an SSL certificate, people will receive a warning with a sign at the address bar of a browser and discourage from visiting and it is not good for SEO.

28. Social Sharing Buttons:

Ecommerce Website social sharing buttons

Make it easy for poeple to share your content on social media and this can lead to it going viral, also your satisfied buyers should be able to share the product they like with their family and friends which can increase your sales and to make this possible, consider adding Social sharing buttons to your website and always encourage customers to share.

There are many plugins that make it easy to integrate social sharing feature on your online store however, this is only for WordPress users.

29. Quick Load Speed:

Make sure all webpages load faster at all times, quick pages loading speed is needed to offer a good customer experience and to boost SEO. Optimize images and make use of a content delivery network (CDN)to help with improve load speed.

Finally, including these features on your e-commerce website can help to improve the customer experience and boost sales. It is important to note, however, that not every feature will be relevant or necessary for every business. That’s why  It is important to carefully consider which features will be most beneficial to your particular business and target audience.

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