5 Best Affordable Email Marketing Services for Small Business

5 Best Affordable Email Marketing Services for Small Business

Email marketing remains an important marketing channel for small businesses, a recent statistics from campaign monitor shows that 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach their customers while another stats from hubspot has also shown email marketing generate $42 for every $1 spent and that’s a whopping 42% ROI.

Email marketing is an effective channel for both small and large organizations. Small business owners most importantly must ensure their implement email marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy

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Keep reading to discover the 5 best affordable email services for small businesses

  1. EmailOctopus

If you are looking for a simple and affordable email marketing tool which is also good enough for you to send email campaigns to your subscribers Emailoctopus might be the right choice for you.

Emailoctopus is trusted by over 49,000 companies and comes with the expected features including pre-made templates, automation, segmentation and analytics to help you create and run a normal email campaign.

their pricing is what set them apart from their competitors and their have generous free plan that let you send 10,000 emails to 2500 subscribers every month. Once you exhaust your initial list, you automatically get upgraded to their pro plan where you can send 50,000 emails to 5,000 subscribers for $24 every month.

2. MooSend

For small enterprises, Moosend is a cost-effective email marketing service. It includes a variety of marketing automation tools, as well as email list building tools, landing pages, and more.
The wonderful thing about Moosend is that all of their plans, even the free one, include marketing automation tools. You may create a personalized subscriber experience for your email subscribers using their automated workflow designer.

Moosend offers a free plan with up to 1,000 email subscribers and an unlimited number of emails for an indefinite period of time (no credit card required). After that, their Pro package, which includes a landing page builder, transactional emails for eCommerce websites, team management, and more, starts at $8 per month.

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3. GetResponse

Getresponse homepage

Though Getresponse started out as an email marketing service, it has now evolved into a robust all i one marketing tool offering not just emailing service but a full suite of tools to run your business online.

With Getresponse, you can create and run an email marketing campaigns to your subscribers using normal email tools including, pre made templates, automation, autoresponder, analytics and much more

You can also build a complete sales funnel, build your own website with an intuitive AI powered website builder including paid ads on Facebook and Google and webinars

GetResponse has a plan for every budget and the good news is there is now a free forever plan which should be a perfect choice for new small businesses with nearly all important features that allowsyou to send unlimited emails to 500 users. There have three paid packages with the least being the basic plan starting at $15 per month for 1,000 users and unlimited emails. You can more money on any paid plan if you subscribe for 12 or 24 months period.

4 Active Campaign

Active Campaign Homepage

Active Campaign is among the leading email marketing providers, though they offer normal email marketing services but actually distinguish them from their competitors is near perfect automation. Their customer experience automation platform will allow you to connect and engage your customers.

With Active Campaign, you are empowered to grow your business using latest email marketing tools, automate your marketing campaigns and sales processes and create eve better customer experience using CRM tools.

There is no free plan but there is a 14 days free trial. In terms of pricing the plans start at $9 per month with 500 users paid annually and your cost will increase as your users grows. Other plans include, Plus, Professional and Enterprise.

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp  homepage

Mailhimp is a leading marketing software i the industry, it is an All In One Marketing service giving you the necessary tools needed to run your business effectively online.

Using mailhimp advanced and easy to use platform, you can grow and engage your subscribers with robust email marketing tools, boost your sales with eCommerce tools and intuitive landing page builder including running paid advertising campaigns o other platforms like Facebook.

There is a free plan that gives you upto 2,000 users, though mailchimp is a leading marketing solution their pricing is very affordable with the paid plans starting at $9 and the most expensive option being the premium plan that $299 per month.

One thing we love about mailchimp is that you can have access to all marketing tools to grow your business online.

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In Conclusion, the adoption of email marketing will keep growing as result of businesses determination to diversify to acquire more customers and generate even more sales. There is no better time than now to integrate email marketing into your business overall marketing strategy.

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