How To Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria

Facebook remains the biggest digital advertising platform in the world only second to the Google ads platform, with over 2 billion monthly users and $80 billion in advertising revenue, this clearly shows Facebook has become an important marketing channel for businesses who are now able to increase their brand awareness, generate leads and drive more sales.

In Nigeria, businesses have also been able to utilize the platform to achieve their overall marketing goals and one of the frequent questions business owners ask is, how to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria?

This is a issue or both new and existing Facebook ads users and in this article, we will show you one effective way to always pay for your ad campaigns.

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How To Pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria

To start you have to login to your Facebook ads manager either through your business manager or Facebook page but for the purpose of this post we will access it through our business manager on a desktop

If you don’t have a business manager account you can simply visit and sign up and you will be able to bring your assets like ad accounts, pages in one place to run your business

Once in your ads manager screen, click on the three lines in the left hand side and scroll down to click the billing tab

Click on Add funds beside available balance

Input the amount you want to add to your ad account, check the Naira Payment with MasterCard/Visa (you can see the PayU logo) then click Add funds

Read the instructions and click the continue tab

Next you will see a pop up screen where you will add your card details and pay, it’s that simple

Based on our experience the best way to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria is with PayU. It is a payment technology that allows you to fund your ad account with little issues.

In Conclusion, so what has been your experience with Facebook ads payment in Nigeria? let’s discuss in the comment section below

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