7 Ways You Can Drive Traffic to your Website

7 Ways You Can Drive Traffic to your Website

Getting a good website for your business remains the best way to establish an online presence for your business as it opens doors to endless brand awareness, traffic and sales.

After your website is ready, the next thing to do is actually driving quality traffic to your website

In this article we will show 7 sure ways to drive traffic to your website

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The first step in the process of creating a website for your business is getting a domain name and web hosting, these two are indispensable and we also encourage you to create your website on the WordPress platform. Bluehost, one of the WordPress recommended hosting providers and they are offering to register a domain for you free if you purchase web hosting from them.

7 Ways You Can Drive Traffic to your website

  1. Start with Keyword Research

The first step to start driving quality traffic to your website is to know those words your potential customers are using to search for what they want online and it’s often done search engines like Google. There are many tools you can use to know what your buyers are looking for online like h supertool seo an knowing what your buyers are interested in will allow you to create content, products and offers that can entice them and in turn you make money online.

2. Create Quality Contents

Once you have the report about what your customers are searching for online, you can now proceed to create quality content like blog posts regularly, this will not only bring them to your site but keep them coming back. You can also create and sell products on your site that aligns with their problem.

3. Google Ads

One of the fastest ways to generate traffic to your website is through Google ads, you simply pay Google to advertise your business on their many networks including search, maps, display and YouTube.

4. Facebook Ads

Another faster way to drive traffic is by advertising on Facebook. They are the biggest social media platform in the world and also own Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. You will not only promote on Facebook you will increase your reach on other marketing platforms.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Once your website is ready, you need to do things like creating pages and post and linking them to one another, creating title tags and meta description and this will let you your website show up on search engines like Google each time people search for information about products or services which your business is offering.

6. Social Media

Social media can become an important source of traffic for your website is done right and with many social networks available, you want to ensure you know the ones that are right for your business.

Once you know your right social platforms, you start by establishing your business presence with company pages that’s fully optimized and create relevant contents to engage your audience.

Every contents you share, you can add a link to it and send people to your website

You can also display social sharing buttons on your website to encourage your visitors to share your contents and products.

7. Online Forums and Q and A websites

There are many online forums that are relevant to your business which are where your audience hang out, these are places you know about what your buyers are discussing including their pain points and this allows you to share contents they like and include links back to your website

Businesses in Nigeria can go to nairaland.Com which is the country’s no 1 online forum in order to know what your potential customers are discussing.

Questions and answers websites are other places you can utilize to grow your traffic and one of such websites is quora which will allow you to answer questions and this is often an opportunity to include links back to your website.

In Conclusion, what steps are you taking to grow your website traffic? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.

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