8 reasons why you should build your website using WordPress

8 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website Using WordPress

When it comes to creating your ow website there are many options to choose from and building a website is now easier due to the existence of website building platforms

The traditional method of designing a website involves writing tons o code and this is often time consuming but all of that has now changed with the advent of code free website builders

There are many website builders and in this article, we will focus on reasons you should build your website using WordPress. Of all the website builders WordPress has remained on top powering over 32% of websites

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8 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website Using WordPress

  1. Free To Use: WordPress is free to use and this is one of the reasons for its popularity and high adoption. Though it’s free you will still incur some cost including purchasing a domain and web hosting, a domain is the name/address of your site (eg: facebook.com) while a web hosting is the space o the web that will let you store website files.

Luckily, Bluehost one of the recommended hosting companies by WordPress is offering affordable web hosting packages starting at $2.75 per month including a free domain registration for one year. You shouldn’t miss out on this deal, click here to claim this offer

2. Design Without Code: You don’t have to worry about writing any line of code because WordPress empowers to build your own website without mingling with coding ad the good thing is that you can actually design and get your site online within 24 hours.

3. Many Themes and Plugins for Customizations: One of the things we love about wordpress is the availability of more than enough themes and plugins in order to customize your website just the way you want it. You will find many plugins and themes in the official WordPress directory which are free

4. Good for eCommerce: If you have products you wish to sell online wordpress has you covered with their free WooCommerce plugin which will make it easy to build your own online store. It also comes with many payment gateways in order to make it easy for you to accept payment online.

5. It is SEO Friendly: WordPress is seo compliant and friendly out of the box, that means it was built to perform very well on search engines and that is why sites built with WordPress always rank high.

6. It is Easy to Manage: WordPress comes with a built in system that make it easy to update your plugins and themes all from the admin area. You are also notified when there is a new version . To backup your website is easy with the use of a plugin. There is even a mobile app to take care of your site on the go.

7. It is always Secure: WordPress was built to be a very safe and secure platform so that you ca run your site without the fear of hackers trying to attack you ad there is always regular security updates. You can further improve the safety and security of your website with the use of a plugin

8. You can Build any Website: It was originally created to be a blogging platform but it has since evolved to become a Full website builder/Content Management System (CMS) and now you ca build any website of your choice, yes i mean any website you like including:

  • Corporate
  • Blog
  • eCommerce
  • Online Forum
  • Education
  • Church
  • Personal
  • Government
  • Sports
  • And many more

Now over to you, what has been your experience trying to use WordPress to design your website?, you can talk to us in the comment section below

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