10 Reasons Why WordPress is The Best For Building Website

WordPress is the best website builder in the world, this is not spurious and according to data from W3Techs, WordPress powers over 43% of all websites found on the internet. That means two out of every five websites is built using WordPress.

There are many reasons why WordPress is the best for building websites and some of which includes, solid customization, enough plugins to extend functionality and strong user support community.

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10 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best For Building Websites

1. Free and Open Source

WordPress is 100% free and that means you will be charged zero fees but while WordPress is free, you will be fully responsible for hosting and domain name. It is also open source and this allows anyone to build themes and plugins to be used on the platform.

2. Plenty Customization

You will find a plethora of themes both free and paid in order to customize the virtual appearance of your website just the way you want it to fit your brand.

3. Perfect for SEO

WordPress is developed from scratch to be fully compatible with SEO, using it for your website project already put you a step ahead of your competitors and to further optimize your site and rank higher on search engines, there are numerous seo plugins that will assist you with SEO.

4. Enough plugins

Plugins help to add extra functions to a website and improve user experience, you will find hundreds of plugins in the official directory or purchase premium plugins from marketplace like themeforest.

5. Great support system

There is a strong and active community of experts who will be willing to assist you with issue you have concerning your website, you can find them on social media and on the web.

6. You can build any type of website

With WordPress, you can build any type of website you want, yes you can read that again including,
• Company website
• Blog
• Forum
• Investment, Financial and Cryptocurrency website
• School and Education website
• Religious website and Job board
• Startup website and much more

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7. Good for blogging

If you want to build a blog then WordPress will be an excellent option because it has all the functionalities for building a perfect blog, majority of professional bloggers built their websites using WordPress.

8. Perfect platform for eCommerce

WordPress is the best platform to build an online store and start your own eCommerce business and with the Woocommerce plugin, you can setup a solid eCommerce site, upload products, integrate payment gateway and successfully accept payment from your buyers.

9. Easy to manage

Daily management of your website is not difficult and it can be done from your admin area, you can update your plugins, theme, add blog post and pages. You can also automate basic tasks like creating backups, monitoring and scanning for security threats and more.

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10. Regular updates

Cyber security remains a major issue and Hackers are always on the rampage, WordPress releases regular updates to keep websites built on the platform safe and secure. The updates also includes features that brings innovative improvements making it the number 1 choice for building websites.

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