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10 Key Reasons Your Business Needs A Website In 2022


As an entrepreneur, having a website for your business is now a minimum requirement 

Available statistics have shown that more people now prefer buying online due to convenience and the fact that it’s also help to save time and money 

You need a website to make more sales online

But at the same time, people are also skeptical in order to avoid scammers online 

This is to say people now want to buy from businesses they can trust 

And a good website helps your business to stand out of the crowd 

A website will help your business to look credible and gain the trust of your potential customers 

Make no mistake, nobody is going to buy from you online if they don’t trust you 

This is why you must strive to build a credible brand online and a good website helps you to achieve this 

Be willing to pay the required price to get a website if you are serious about growing  your business online 

What You Need To Build A Website

  • Domain name 

You can purchase affordable and heavily discounted domain from namecheap, it’s where we buy all our domains and for our clients 

  • Web Hosting 

Without hosting your website will not be accessible online, you can sign up for web hosting from :




  • . Technical Know How 

Building a website is quite technical but not impossible, if the thought of building your website yourself scares you 

Don’t worry, we are here to help you 

Chat with us on WhatsApp and let get started building a website for your business 

Without wasting much time 

Here Are 10 key reasons your business needs a website 

Trust and Credibility 

People want to buy online but not just from any business but the one they can trust 

Don’t think you can just go online and start selling anything hoping people will buy if they don’t know, like and trust you 

Try to build a positive brand presence online 

And a good place to start, is with a good website 

You Gain Visibility Online 

10 Key Reasons Your Business Needs A Website In 2022  | 2WV Digital

Trying to make good sales online without a website is like building a beautiful mansion if the forest, nobody will know about it except you 

If your potential customers don’t about your products or services 

How will they buy from you? 

You need a website to establish an online presence for your business so people can buy from you 

You Drive Quality Traffic 

To sell online you need traffic, these are people who are interested in what you are selling 

When people go online to search for products they can buy, Google and other search engines 

Will display results containing websites that has the information relevant to them 

This is the perfect opportunity to ensure your business is seen in order to drive them to your website 

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People Can Contact You 

You can display your contact details like mobile number, email address and location so people can reach for enquiries

People want to be sure you are not robot or fraudster 

You Get Customers From Social Media 

10 Key Reasons Your Business Needs A Website In 2022  | 2WV Digital

Though the social media is where people go and connect with family and friends and share important moments with their lives 

They have needs that your products can satisfy 

You can get people to visit your website and buy from you by sharing relevant contents concerning your business and  talking about your products 

Rank High Using SEO 

10 Key Reasons Your Business Needs A Website In 2022  | 2WV Digital

Over 8 billion searches takes place on Google everyday and these are from real humans who want to buy online and you don’t want to miss out 

But another statistic has shown that 75% of people don’t go beyond the first search engine result page

With this, you can follow best seo best practices to ensure your website rank higher on search engines like Google 

Ranking higher will help you to get the most buyers 

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You Showcase Your Products Online 

Since people now prefer to buy online, a website will always help you to show your products or services 

This will assist you to gain new customers and generate sales online 

You Build A Long Lasting Business 

A website ensures your business remains visible online 24/7, this enhance trust and credibility 

It also let you automate your business and improve productivity, making money while you sleep giving you more time to focus on other things

You Can Reach International Buyers 

10 Key Reasons Your Business Needs A Website In 2022  | 2WV Digital

The internet is a world without boundaries, it allows you to connect with different people from around the world without leaving your exact location 

Getting a website for your business will let you reach international buyers who are likely to be interested in your products

Generate Leads Online 

You can convert your website visitors into future buyers by getting their contact details and this will allow you to keep sending your offers to them through email marketing 

Use tools like Optinmonster, hubspot or sumo to request for their contact details in exchange for a lead magnet 

In Conclusion 

Now that you know the benefits of having a website, you chat with us on WhatsApp and get a high quality website for your business 

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