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10 Google Ranking Factors You Must Know In 2022

10 Google Ranking Factors You Must Know in 2022

Google is the most popular search engine in the worlds with over 6 billion searches taking place daily, this no doubt, an important traffic channel for you if actually you are serious about growing your business online

If you follow Google seo best practices, you will surely attract a lot of buyers from it

But you must know what to do on your website so it can rank higher especially in the first page

Here are 10 Google ranking factors you should know in order to boost your website ranking:

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1, Good Quality Content (This is King)

Google will rank your articles higher in its search engine results if you can develop something that is new, fresh, and useful to users (SERPs).

Google places a high value on the quality of your content. You can’t expect higher rankings if your content isn’t valuable, no matter how well-optimized your website is.

New and innovative content is given priority by Google. You should write a post that answer your readers’ questions, add value, and are unique.

If your content is same or similar to that of other websites, it may have a negative influence on your SEO. To begin with, Google may not index or rank your page

Google will slow down the indexing rate of your website if you consistently publish duplicate content.

So, when you’re developing content, make sure it’s unique and superior to what’s already out there for the search phrase.

 2. Search Intent

Matching the search intent of your content is another important ranking factor for Google. What a person is looking for is referred to as search intent.

Every Google keyword is unique, and you must understand why that particular search query appears.

For example, if someone searches for the best kitchen utensils, you can see in the results that it includes articles about the search topic

10 Google Ranking Factors You Must Know In 2022 | 2WV Digital

Here’s another example. If you search for the keyword, liquid soap making , you can observe that the results includes how-to articles along with videos.

10 Google Ranking Factors You Must Know In 2022 | 2WV Digital

If you’re going to develop content for these keywords, it’s important to match the search intent using the right contents.

Now, search intent can vary depending on the format and style of the contents. For instance, in some cases, Google’s top results will only show videos and infographics. This means that if you want to rank for certain keywords, you should make a video or an infographic.

In addition, search intent reveals where your visitors are in the buyer journey.

Are they seeking for basic information based your products, a tutorial such as a how-to article, or are they at the end of the buying journey and ready to buy?

You can answer these questions and provide information that people want by matching the search intent

3. Backlinks

Another important ranking factor is backlinks and it determines how Google bot crawls your website to harvest contents

It’s important you know that if you have the the right contents that matches user intent but your pages have no backlinks, your Google ranking will suffer

10 Google Ranking Factors You Must Know In 2022

So, how significant are backlinks for your site’s SEO?

Inbound links, also known as backlinks, are a type of confidence vote for your website. Google adds together all of the results and determines if your website deserves to be in the top ten results.

You can improve your chances of higher ranks by getting backlinks from high authority websites. This is because earning these links send signals to Google that your contents is trustworthy because several websites have endorsed it.

4. Speed of Website Loading

Google has 200 different ranking factors and one of them include web page speeds. That’s because from May 2021, Google finally made website loading speed a part of its Core Web Vitals.

This is a list of elements that Google considers crucial for your site’s user experience. It will assess the speed, responsiveness, and loading times of various elements such as fonts and graphics.

The goal here isn’t to beat your competitors’ load times by milliseconds. However, you should keep track of how quickly a page loads for your visitors.

Google wants your website to load quickly and give your visitors a pleasant experience.

You can a tool like GT Metrix To check your website loading speed

10 Google Ranking Factors You Must Know In 2022 | 2WV Digital

It will analyze your website, give it a score for mobile and desktop, present key metrics concerning page load times, and offer ways to make it even quicker.

Another way to improve your website loading speed is using a Content Delivery Network. A CDN enables for the rapid transfer of resources such as HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, pictures, and videos that are required for loading Webpages.

 It makes sure that your webpages load without any delay for your users around the world.

5. Mobile Compatibility

Along with speed, you should consider if your site is mobile-friendly.

Since Google went mobile-first in 2019, having a mobile-responsive website has become critical. Mobile-first means that Google will now index and rank your website based on its mobile version.

Previously, Google would index your desktop version as the primary version. However, with 4.95 billion mobile internet users worldwide, Google’s decision is clear.

Now is the best time to update your website and make  it mobile-friendly if you want to improve your rankings.

You might begin by selecting a mobile-responsive WordPress theme. You may also make your WordPress site mobile friendly by using several plugins.

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6. Domain Authority

The domain authority of your website is the next Google ranking criteria you should work on. It’s a search engine ranking criteria that shows how knowledgeable your site is on a particular topic and how well it may rank.

Moz created the domain authority factor and assigns a score between 1 and 100. The higher your domain authority, the more likely you are to rank on Google.

You can now increase the authority of your website in a variety of methods. You should begin by obtaining high-quality backlinks. However, having a large number of backlinks does not always guarantee higher rankings.

This is where you’ll need to generate fantastic industry-specific content.

To have an idea about topics your visitors like, you can use WordPress plugin like Google site kit, in order to discover your most popular contents and pages

10 Google Ranking Factors You Must Know In 2022 | 2WV Digital

Then, to improve your domain authority, write high-quality content around these topics.

As a result, Google will begin to perceive your site as an authority on the subject, increasing your domain authority and ranking your pages in the top ten search results.

7. Optimization of Keywords

One of the most obvious ranking considerations, aside from developing content and obtaining backlinks, is the presence of keywords on your website.

Keywords are search terms that people use to find information on Google. As a result, it’s critical that your website contains the keywords that your target audience is looking for. As a result, Google will be able to find your page in its search results.

Here are some suggestions for keyword optimization on your website:

  • Title Tags — At the start of your SEO title tags, include your target keyword.
  • Meta Description – Create compelling meta descriptions that include your focus keyword so that readers understand what your website is about and are more likely to click on it.
  • Image Alt Text – Because Google will be unable to interpret images, you can use the image alt textbox to describe what is it about.
  • Anchor Text – Because Google uses anchor text to determine the topic of a page, you can use your keywords as anchor text when linking your pages.
  • Use LSI Keywords — In addition to your primary keyword, consumers look for related terms, which are referred to as LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords. By placing these on your page, you’re assisting Google in determining the structure of the content.
  • Use Keyword Variations or LSI Keywords in H2 and H3 – You may optimize the SEO organization of your content by utilizing keyword variations or LSI keywords in H2 and H3 of your post.
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing – Keyword optimization doesn’t have to involve repeating your main search term. This is known as keyword stuffing, and it’s a bad SEO strategy. Include your main search term a few times and then try with different versions.
  • Include your keyword in the URL – Including your keyword in the URL of your post is another keyword optimization strategy.

8. Website Structure

While keyword optimization is vital, you should also consider the layout of your website, especially if you’re just getting started.

From a crawling and indexing aspect, the structure of your website is critical. It makes it simple for Google robots to find your website and its pages.

You can also start by establishing a sitemap in WordPress to improve the site’s structure. A sitemap lists all of the important pages that the search engine should be aware of.

It makes it easier for Google to explore your website, find new information, and index your pages.

Optimizing your WordPress robots.txt file is another way to help Google in indexing your website.

A robots.txt file directs Google robots to your website and informs them how to explore and index it. It assists in determining which pages search engine robots should and should not crawl.

As a result, you’ll save crawl limit and the bots won’t visit pages that aren’t needed, such as the admin page.

You can install WordPress plugin, yoast seo and generate sitemaps automatically for your website.

9. Security of your Website

10 Google Ranking Factors You Must Know In 2022 | 2WV Digital

Security is becoming an important Google ranking factor, alongside website design. This is where you should make sure your site is now using HTTPS, which encrypts data between your website and the browser of your users.

10. User Interface

The overall user experience of your website is the final Google ranking criteria we have for you. There are numerous factors that now contribute to a positive user experience.

However, how does Google determine this?

It employs RankBrain, an artificial intelligence software that integrates additional ranking signals such as:

Click Through Rate – The percentage of users who click on your website link in the search results is known as CTR (click-through-rate). You may improve your ranks by increasing your CTR, especially if you’re stuck in the top five results.

Bounce Rate – A high bounce rate is harmful to your website. If a large number of people visit your site and then leave without engaging with it, Google will believe the page is spam and won’t rank it.

Dwell Time – This metric evaluates how long a visitor remains on your site after arriving via Google search. It is best to have a longer dwell time.

These are the most important metrics when it comes to user interface/experience, there other one’s though

Now you have the 10 Google Ranking Factors you must know, it’s to go ahead and implement on your website for more traffic

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